Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)



Descripción del empleo WearelookingforanexperiencedandfluentinEnglishSRE tojoinaninnovative and agile team located in Valencia. About the CompanyOur client is a European software development company. They provide nearshore, qualitative and affordable software development solutions. Their main goal is to increase business growth, taking advantageoftheknowledgeoftheirprofessionalsandthebestavailabletechnology.Theirteam counts with long expertise in increasing the company’s efficiency and profitability, evaluating and planningtheoptimaltechnologicalinfrastructureatalltimes,togetthebestreturnoninvestment. Theirheadquartersare inValencia(Spain),andtheycanofferservicesfromothercountrieslikeBelgium,GermanyandTheNetherlands.TheyhaveempoweredsomeofthetopcompaniesinEuropeofferingservicesofCustomSoftwareDevelopment,BusinessIntelligence,DataScientist,Machine Learning, Consulting & Managed Services and Cloud & High Availability.As An SRE You Will Be part of the team responsible for managing an enterprise-grade data and messaging platform. Protect the health of the Production environment. Be on-call rotation to respond to Globality availability incidents and provide support for other customer-impacting incidents. Use your on-call shift to prevent incidents from ever happening. Run our infrastructure with tools like Chef and Ansible and eventually Kubernetes. Help make monitoring and alerting alert on symptoms and not on outages. Protect the health of the Production environment. Document every action so your findings turn into repeatable actions…and then into automation. Work with the Infrastructure and QA Engineer to make the deployment process as efficient and boring as possible. Design, build, and maintain core production infrastructure pieces. Work with the architects to implement the baseline technologies, policies, and practices to build a high-velocity, high-security, strong compliance platform that allows Globality scaling to support exponential growth. Keep a keen eye on security issues in every project you work on, contributing to improving security in the systems that were already in place. Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack. Help plan the growth of Globality's infrastructure. Establish strong relationships with other teams in order to positively influence them in their pursuit of automation and toil reduction, and to keep the rest of our team apprised of upcoming initiatives. You may be a fit to this role if you: Think deeply about edge cases, points of failure, failure modes, and systemic behaviors. Embrace a DevOps philosophy. Know your way around Linux and the command line. Feel comfortable working toward delivering an end-to-end seamless CI/CD pipeline, with a goal of delivering code into production as swiftly as possible, while working with the QA and Infrastructure teams to ensure that code is production worthy. Have strong programming skills – Python and Bash and preferably Java as well. Maintain “production grade” adherence to best practices for the lowliest tools and scripts. Embrace collaboration and are comfortable with communicating asynchronously. Are driven to document, document, document so you do not need to learn (or teach) the same thing twice. Have an enthusiastic, driven, go-for-it attitude. Are compelled to fix broken things and improve less-than-ideal things. Have experience with Ansible Tower, Chef, Jenkins, ELK, Graphite/Grafana, Splunk, ServiceNow, or similar technologies. Have experience working with infrastructure providers. Have experience working remote with an international team. Have proficiency in English verbal and written. Projects You Could Work On Improve production infrastructure automation with Ansible and Chef. Improve our Metrics collection scope or improve our metrics-driven Monitoring story. Improve the Observability by creating meaningful dashboards to monitor our system and pipelines and consolidate the monitoring stacks. Work with the QA and DevOps team to fully pipeline our internal tools. Work with Test Engineering on scale testing initiatives. Reduce the noise-to-signal ratio in our alerting. Develop a relationship with a product group, define their SLOs, help analyze our metrics data on those SLOs and improve their reliability. Today, we help organizations all over the world step up their field service game with entrepreneurial solutions. We thrive on seeing our customers grow and outsmart their competition. Truly making a difference for our clients, that's what gets us going and drives us to be even better, day after day. Are you interested in the above profile? APPLY RIGHT NOW TO OUR VACANCY!!


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